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在这个活动中,为了能够支援各种各样社会活动的课题,在12个月进行12次不同的慈善团体捐赠。另外这个活动,不仅仅是在日本, QUNIE将会加入各据点所在国家的慈善团体,以便帮助更多的人。


QUNIE is a consulting firm that originated in Japan and operating globally. We have held the philosophy where we commit to the growth of corporations and society in Japan. Furthermore, we are keen to help develop non-Japanese organizations and societies around the world based on the experiences from Japan. We work globally with aspirations to contribute not only to our clients but societies beyond them. QUNIE Philosophy

With this in mind, we have run a charity program called One Click for Smile since 2020 to help people in need and called for joint support from whom we connect with.
To reach as many vulnerable people as possible and help resolve diverse social issues, the program is joined by twelve charities annually including those based in the countries where QUNIE extend consulting practices.

One each click from you is equivalent to 100 yen for QUNIE to donate.
Join us to help people in need and bring lots of smiles.

Simple three steps from a click
to social contribution

  • Step 1

    Just click 'Give Support' on the One Click for Smile charity website!

  • Step 2

    One click from you is converted into 100 yen and donated by QUNIE to pre-selected charities.

  • Step 3

    Through the charity organisations, donations are used to help people in need all over the world!

Charity of the month

Japan Heart provides free medical care to medically-isolated or disaster-stricken areas in Southeast Asia and Japan.

  • 1 click:

    A nutritious in-hospital meal for a hospitalized child

Charities for 2024

We will make donations to 12 different charities in 12 months.

  • January

    Save the Children

    Save the Children is an international NGO that works to make children’s rights to survival, development, protection and participation a reality worldwide.

  • February

    Plan International

    Plan International is an independent development and humanitarian organisation that advances children’s rights and equality for girls.

  • March

    Médecins du Monde Japon

    Médecins du Monde Japon is an international NGO providing medical support for people who do not have access to medical care, for a future where access to healthcare for all will be guaranteed.

  • April

    CARE International Japan

    CARE International Japan seeks a world of hope, inclusion and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and all people live in dignity and security.

  • May

    The National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization "Green Fund"

    Green Fund aims to contribute to the conservation of forests and the promotion of greening in Japan and abroad through the participation of various stakeholders.

  • June

    Shanti Volunteer Association

    Shanti Volunteer Association is a non-governmental organization that is dedicated to providing educational support and emergency relief activities.

  • July

    International Medical Volunteers Japan Heart

    Japan Heart provides free medical care to medically-isolated or disaster-stricken areas in Southeast Asia and Japan.

  • August

    ‎Japan Association for the World Food Programme

    The World Food Programme (WFP) is the leading humanitarian organization fighting hunger worldwide and delivers food assistance in emergencies and times of conflict. The organization has a presence in over 120 countries and territories.

  • September

    WaterAid Japan

    WaterAid is the international not-for-profit organization making clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone, everywhere.

  • October

    Wheelchair support project in China by WHEELCHAIRS & FRIENDSHIP CENTER OF ASIA

    WHEELCHAIRS & FRIENDSHIP CENTER OF ASIA (WAFCA) supports the self-reliance of children with disabilities by providing wheelchairs and scholarships in China and other Asian countries.

  • November

    Empower Children to Improve Health in Rural China by Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation

    Concordia Welfare & Education Foundation educates and equips the local advocates in rural Asia who are working to break the cycle of poverty and cultivate lasting change in their own communities.

  • December

    Japan for UNHCR

    As Japan's official organization supporting the UNHCR, we are dedicated to connecting Japanese civil society with refugees and frontline aid workers.

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