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Customer analysis trend on website in the Indonesian market

The market penetration rate of mobile phone has exceeded 90% of the total population in Indonesia, and due to the influence of the pandemic of COVID-19, online sales such as e-Commerce are increasing rapidly. On the other hand, manufacturers of food, beverages and daily necessities are also strengthening their product promotion activities via their websites, and advertising campaigns for big events such as Ramadan and Lebaran are available on the web. The number of cases of directing to the site is increasing significantly. This seminar will introduce what patterns of website utilization are currently mainstream in Indonesia, and the latest trends in tools for managing website traffic.


Tuesday, 24 May, 2022, 18:30 – 20:00 (WIB)
PT Data Arts Xperience, QUNIE Consulting Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
・Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
・Marketing Manager
・Digital Marketing Manager
Free of charge



Part 1

Digital marketing trend via website in the Indonesian market

In Indonesia as well as other emerging countries, increasingly, companies in the manufacturing and distribution industries are also using websites for marketing, sales, and service. Currently, the mainstream usage is to introduce new products to the owners of their own products, and to respond to service and failure inquiries about products in use. In the future, the pattern of promoting the company’s products to potential customers through various channels (TV, Magazine, SNS, etc.) and guiding them to their site to consider purchasing is becoming practical in every industry. This presentation will introduce what kind of website usage patterns are available for each industry, what kind of customer information analysis is performed, what kind of information is being used for marketing, sales, and services, and the latest trends in Indonesia.

Part 2

Why Google Analytics 4

Until now, most companies including those in Indonesia, have often used “Google Analytics” to analyze the information of customers who visit their websites. It is a free tool offering various functions related to customer data analysis and has become the de-facto standard. Google however, has decided to discontinue the current Google Analytics by the end of 2022, and all companies need to move to the new version GA4. Based on our many experience of migration to GA4 in Indonesia, this presentation will introduce what kind of preparations should be made and should be used for this migration work.


Ariqleesta Hidayat, Data Scientist, PT Data Arts Xperience
Jovito Sahain, Account Executive, PT Data Arts Xperience
Deddy Enjam Tirta, Manager, QUNIE Consulting Indonesia