Ryohei Sasakawa, the first Master Anaplanner award winner in Japan
Commended at Anaplan’s Connected Planning Xperience Tokyo 2019

Ryohei Sasakawa, director, QUNIE CORPORATION was awarded as the first Master Anaplanner in Japan at the Connected Planning Xperience Tokyo 2019 (CPX), Anaplan’s global user conference held on November 5th and 6th in Tokyo. The award ceremony ran on the second day of the conference joined by around 600 users.


photo right: Ryohei Sasakawa, Director, QUNIE CORPOATION

QUNIE CORPORATION has applied Anaplan to supply chains for the first time in Japan

The Master Anaplanner, limited to the top 1% of Anaplan users, is a qualification that can only be offered to the technical professional who champions rolling out Anaplan’s Connected Planning, meaning the winner is a visionary practitioner of methodology for business transformation. Under his leadership, QUNIE has successfully applied Anaplan to supply chain area, built and released an Anaplan application for the first time in Japan, that made QUNIE earn the Gold Partnership with Anaplan.

Master Anaplanner

Connected Planning Xperience Tokyo 2019

Ryohei Sasakawa, Director, QUNIE CORPOATION

Director, Ryohei Sasakawa

We aim to create new value for SCM through connection and combination

“Pursuing the qualification for the Master Anaplanner was obvious thing to do for the leader of QUNIE team; we have been developing Anaplan as the leading driver in Japan, ” said Mr. Sasakawa. “Anaplan is a flexible platform which can be applied in variety of business areas such as SCM, accounting, and HR and helps the organization improve their operations. What is especially notable is that the service is assumed to connect different elements. One of the factors that prevent SCM optimization, for instance, is that the supply chain involves diverse range of related operations, information and people. But with Anaplan it is easy to connect those elements logically and smoothly.” Mr. Sasakawa said at the closure of his statement, “QUNIE will continue to use and connect digital technologies, solutions, and services such as Anaplan to create new value from SCM.”

In recent years, as the environment surrounding companies’ supply chains has been globalized, diversified, and complicated, we often see rapid changes that were totally unimaginable before. Such changes have wide range of impacts and occur continuously, which requires companies to review their plans and make decisions immediately in various stages of supply chains. Based on over the years of experience in our visionary global SCM, QUNIE supports customers in changing their supply chains from various perspectives, enhancing capabilities to respond to changes rapidly, and increasing the speed of decision making. Our consulting services help to add their corporate value.