Passion is QUNIE’s driving force
Passion leads to transforming the world

Quality Unites Enthusiasms

“We are a consulting firm which contributes to the Japanese company and Japan society as well as to contribute to global companies who requires experience from the business and economics in Japan.”

QUNIE was established based on this philosophy.

The most important factor in our service is “Quality”. We structure our professional consultants with the policy of “Small Team and High Talent”, which leads to our innovative and high-quality consulting. Led by these consultants, we are capable to become a true partner for our clients to challenge the business transformation.

QUNIE also takes pride in our “Passion”. We emphasize our consultants to be passionate to work with clients through the transformation which leads to the realization of true business transformation. We want to contribute to society and change the world.

“Passion Leads to Transform the World”

All of our consultants are serving our clients with this core identity.

QUNIE’s Origin

QUNIE was established in 2009 as the management consulting firm of NTT Group. We are a composite consulting firm from Japan and we inherit the spirit of “National Mind of Public Interests” and “Contribution to Japanese Economics” which led the communication infrastructure in Japan.

“The Mind of Contribution” is our core identity in QUNIE. We do not chase short-term profit, but we believe that providing innovative and high-quality consulting will lead to increase the values of the client’s business.

We want to transcend from “Consulting for Business” to “Consulting for Society”. This lives deep inside our core values.

Contribution to Society and Companies in Japan

Our mission is to contribute to Japanese companies as a management consulting firm from Japan. We support our clients to be able to compete in the global market by working on projects which consist of great difficulties.

That is why we hold the policy of “Small Team and High Talent” and we develop consultants who have high expertise in their specialized area of consulting. These consultants will lead the customer to the end of the journey of business transformation with the strong passion to achieve results.

We also have our “Japan Quality” consulting service delivered to Japanese companies who intend to roll out their key measures globally. We have experienced and talented Japanese consultants and local consultants in each country to deliver these global projects. The Japanese consultants will build a strong relationship with key stakeholders in Japan and each local offices, at the same time our Local consultants will support the local operation in order to ensure the success of the measure by the clients.

The other aspect of our mission is to contribute to Japan society by supporting the business of Japanese companies. This is not only the top-tier companies in Japan but also moving towards regional revitalization.

QUNIE has the largest consulting team in Japan to support Japan’s regional revitalization. We support the revitalization of 4 areas: Agriculture, Urban, Business of Regional SME’s, and Tourism. These activities are segregated from the profit-driven consulting services in order to contribute to each region’s activities. We think it is highly important for the growth of Japan to provide these activities with each region. We as a Japanese Management Consulting Firm.

True Globalization

Our services on a global basis are not only for Japanese clients but also for clients in each country worldwide who require the knowledge and experience from Japan. We believe that is our mission as a Management Consulting Firm from Japan.

Japanese companies overcame a different degree of challenges during each phase of economic growth. Our consultants have accumulated expertise based on these extremely complicated projects that Japanese companies experienced through economic growth. These knowledge and expertise are valuable for clients in other countries and QUNIE delivers projects with the client to achieve the ideal business transformation which drives their business on a global scale.

We believe that the mind of contribution not only to companies in Japan but also to global companies and immerging countries is part of our DNA and mission.

Developing Countries Support

We deliver our consulting services to developing countries that are facing poverty or sanitation issues. Our consultants provide advisory services through ODA or measures from private companies to support these countries to contribute to improving people’s lives.

QUNIE has not only the skills or the knowledge to improve these circumstances, but also the passion to make the society better for the people in these developing countries.

QUNIE’s Consulting Style

Our consulting service does not limit to providing strategies but also to realize the innovation until the client stabilize the operation. We think it is extremely important for us to think the transformation based on long-term in order for the client to achieve business transformation.

We do not take the strategies to just implement large ERP or IT projects or to value just short-term profit of our consulting business. Our mentality is to provide end-to-end business transformation services in the core function of business such as Strategy Design, Research, and Development, Production and Operation by working with clients in order to achieve high customer satisfaction. These are the consulting style that we aim at QUNIE.

In QUNIE, our consultants do not hold specific KPI such as individual sales target. It is important for us to develop consultants based on expertise, competency skills, leadership, and humanity. QUNIE has professional training programs from junior to senior consultants and there are criteria to take certain professional training program related to professional skills, innovative solution, and competency skills according to each consulting grade. Our consultants in each region will also learn in global training programs to gain sensitiveness of global culture and improving humanity as next-generation leaders.

“Quality” and “Passion”

This is our core philosophy. Our consultants develop our skills to provide high-quality services in order to provide these core values to all of our clients.