QUNIE is the emerging consulting firm from Japan and we gather consultants who have a strong passion to contribute to society and serve our clients. Our core identity in QUNIE is enthusiasm, expertise, and a mind to contribution.

We emphasize to have specialized consultants to serve with a passion to realize business transformation is established to clients’ organization, although our projects are small scales projects. At the same time, we avoid the traditional consulting style which mainly focuses on large-scale IT projects or just presenting strategies to differentiate ourselves from the market.

QUNIE aims to provide value as a consulting firm from Japan to support the realization of clients’ reforms on a global scale.

Toshimitsu Katsumata

Executive Vice President Toshimitsu Katsumata


Over 20 years of Management Consulting Practices. In 1995, lead the startup of KPMG Consulting in Japan, took over as KPMG Consulting Managing Director in 2002, responsible for SCM and ERP division. In 2004, Executive Officer in Belling Point (current PwC Consulting), responsible for an industrial leader in High-Tech, Machinery, CPRD, Communications, and Services. In 2006, Managing Executive Officer Belling Point VP, responsible for Manufacturing, Distribution, and Service business. In 2009, joined QUNIE for the establishment of a new company, took over as SVP and headed the Consulting Division supervisor. In 2012 promoted to Executive Vice President, responsible for overall consulting business and led the foundation and development of QUNIE.

Consulting Practice

  • Junichi Sudo

    Junichi Sudo

    Senior Managing Director
    Heavy Industry, Engineering & Construction

  • Kenichiro Sonoda

    Kenichiro Sonoda

    Managing Director
    Consumer Products & Retail Distribution

  • Tadayasu Kato

    Tadayasu Kato

    Managing Director
    Consumer Products & Retail Distribution

  • Toshihide Akagami

    Toshihide Akagami

    Senior Managing Director
    Telecommunication, Media & Environment

  • Makoto Hara

    Makoto Hara

    Managing Director
    Agriculture, Food & Wellness

  • Seiji Takahashi

    Seiji Takahashi

    Regional & Urban Development

  • Shin Iijima

    Shin Iijima

    Corporate Re-structuring

  • Rie Yamamoto

    Rie Yamamoto

    Senior Manager
    Encourage Local Tourism

  • Shigeru Maki

    Shigeru Maki

    Government & Municipality

  • Takuya Shigenobu

    Takuya Shigenobu

    Managing Director
    Healthcare & Security

  • Tsutomu Nakayama

    Tsutomu Nakayama

    Managing Director
    Digital Transformation

  • Mitsuhiro Hirano

    Mitsuhiro Hirano

    Customer Relationship Management

  • Eisuke Terui

    Eisuke Terui

    Managing Director
    Customer Relationship Management

  • Kazunori Emoto

    Kazunori Emoto

    Service Design Management

  • Tomoyuki Iwane

    Tomoyuki Iwane

    Senior Managing Director
    Financial Management & Transformation

  • Keita Shimoyama

    Keita Shimoyama

    Managing Director
    Financial Management & Transformation

  • Hiroyuki Yoshioka

    Hiroyuki Yoshioka

    Strategy & Marketing

  • Katsuhiko Arakawa

    Katsuhiko Arakawa

    Managing Director
    Product Lifecycle Management

  • Daimi Tanaka

    Daimi Tanaka

    Managing Director
    Supply Chain Management

  • Kenji Maeda

    Kenji Maeda


  • Su Hang

    Su Hang

    Senior Managing Director
    Enterprise Solution/Global

  • Shuichi Muroi

    Shuichi Muroi

    Managing Director
    Value Added Service

  • Hiroyuki Doi

    Hiroyuki Doi

    Managing Director
    ERP Rapid Delivery Service

  • Taku Kimura

    Taku Kimura

    Managing Director
    Infrastructure & Technical Services

  • Wataru Morizaki

    Wataru Morizaki

    Enterprise Information Consulting

  • Toshio Shikuya

    Toshio Shikuya

    Managing Director
    Business & Strategy

  • Tadasuke Kijima

    Tadasuke Kijima

    Managing Director
    Human Capital Management

  • Ryuichi Harada

    Ryuichi Harada

    Senior Managing Director
    IT Support/ CIO support Services

  • Masahiro Ide

    Masahiro Ide

    Managing Director
    IT Management

  • Makoto Yamamoto

    Makoto Yamamoto

    Managing Director
    IT Management

  • Shuhei Hosotani

    Shuhei Hosotani

    Senior Managing Director
    Western Japan

  • Daigoro Arimura

    Daigoro Arimura

    Western Japan

  • Yutaka Ueno

    Yutaka Ueno

    Senior Managing Director

  • Katsumitsu Tsuchiya

    Katsumitsu Tsuchiya

    Managing Director
    Business Development