Assembly and ManufacturingHeavy Industry, Machine tools, Industrial equipment, Shipbuilding, Engineering industry, etc.

With an increasing number of global projects, it becomes more important to implement initiatives that meet appropriate QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) requirements, including management of internal or external manufacturing of parts/devices and installation work utilizing local partners.
Manufacturers that build products to individual orders have faced a wide variety of challenges; and they have tackled not only business challenges in the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) sector but also the challenges of integrating businesses of overseas companies through mergers and acquisitions and developing a network of companies specialized in after-sales services in recent years.
There is no uniform method to solve issues due to the characteristics of the EPC industry that performs a lot of project-type operations, history of globalization that varies from business to business, variety of attitudes toward manufacturing, design, and after-sales services because of the existing differences in corporate cultures. Instead of providing a standard service, QUNIE supports clients in the heavy industry, as well as machine tools, industrial equipment, and shipbuilding industries in transforming products and services, according to client’s issues, based on proven track record in consulting as well as of IoT introduction demos and digital data utilization cases.
We can help in areas such as:

■Creating an integrated schedule/costs/resources management system per each specific product

■Global cost management/planning and system design covering the entire lifecycle

■Planning and implementing global standard data system infrastructure