High Technology: Electronics, Precision Machinery, Semiconductors

With “fiercer competition with global players over the emerging markets,” “collapse of vertical integration and commoditization of products,” and “R&D costs that have enormously increased and shortened product lifecycles,” the environment surrounding the high tech industry has changed drastically in recent years.
To survive this extremely competitive environment, companies are urged to reassess their competitive edge restructure a framework that embodies customer value through the “monozukuri” mindset – the traditional, Japanese spirit or quest for manufacturing excellence and its continuous improvement.
We think that the high tech industry, in which many companies are engaged in the business of generating various types of IoT data with products they manufacture as top-notch devices, needs operations for product development, production control, and procurement on the premise of “customer values created by digital data” which only that industry can provide. QUNIE with extensive proven track record develops the most appropriate methods of implementation and supports customers engaged in business reform from implementation to business penetration through multiple new projects for demonstration of IoT, AI, etc.
We can help you to address challenges such as:

■Product development and new services that utilize IoT data wisely

■Optimizing supply chains and supply chain finance in the future