There is a large concern about the sustainability of medical and nursing-care in Japan, which is famous for free access and universal services. The healthcare industry needs to pursue a transformational change to optimize expenditure, improve productivity, reform work style while utilizing IT systems, IoT, and robotics.
QUNIE provides a wide variety of services tailored to the healthcare industry. Our professional teams includes Senior Healthcare Information Technologists, Master of Medical Administration, pharmacists, nurses, and physical therapists working together to help the healthcare industry to be more successful. We contribute to realizing sustainable medical and nursing-care.
We support you to address challenges such as:

■Procurement reform by making IT costs visible, reducing IT costs, etc.

■Deploying AI, IoT, and robotics to medical and nursing-care institutions

■Work-style reform through the improvement of operational efficiency and productivity

■Management analysis and analytics of medical institutions

■Determining the ideal cooperation between local medical institutions and community comprehensive care

■PMOs of healthcare companies

■Establishing and implementing new business and strategies

■Enhancing insurance payers’ functions