Enterprise Solutions

Increasing changes in the business environment surrounding companies, including the advancement into overseas markets and M&A, have accelerated and diversified. As destination markets and partner countries now range from familiar countries such as Europe, U.S., China, and major countries in Southeast Asia to India, South America, and Middle and Near East, the expectations for information systems change every day. Companies essentially need to meet the demands for diversified information systems in terms of geography and services as important management supporting tools that are inseparable from corporate strategy at the appropriate cost and in a timely manner.
At QUNIE, we have the know-how of IT consulting and abundance of skills enabling us to support companies introducing ERP using templates for manufacturers that have been adopted by many companies inside and outside Japan in a short period at lower costs, developing cutting-edge information systems utilizing advanced information technologies including SaaS, cloud, mobile, and Big Data technologies, and global deployment projects. Also, by utilizing the powerful global network of NTT DATA Group that covers more than 210 cities around the world and high technological capabilities in wide areas, we support a broad range of aspects of companies’ information systems.
We can help you in areas such as:

■Support for Global Deployment

■Support for SAP Implementation