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As globalization continues at an accelerated pace, many Japanese companies have expanded their businesses into overseas countries. QUNIE provides multidimensional support to companies planning for international business expansion: from developing M&A strategies to implementing optimized business operations and IT infrastructure to the newly established sites.
From QUNIE’s deep consulting experience worldwide, we are able to provide optimal solutions for the client companies to overcome market specific challenges that arise during international business expansion. For example, we have successfully supported a life science company to expand their business into other developed markets (U.S. and Europe) through M&A strategy advisory and PMI (Pre-/Post- Merger Integration) support. Many Japanese companies struggle to successfully control and govern the acquired companies in these areas. Also, we have been supporting many companies expand their businesses into emerging markets such as Indonesia and Vietnam through operational infrastructure (business process and IT system) development and optimization of business operation efficiency after start-up.
Our expertise covers areas such as:

■Global IT strategy planning

■Global IT governance implementation

■Setting up and establishing new overseas offices and production sites as part of merger and acquisition or joint venture initiatives

■Global process standardization and ERP implementation

■Stabilizing business and IT operations at overseas sites

■Pre-/Post-Merger integration support

■Global talent development (domestic/overseas)