Production Reform Manufacturing plan, Production Scheduling, Quality Control, Audit of Suppliers

Production reform, especially building smart factories, utilizing computerized factory equipment data and various types of production data, has attracted lots of attention. However, there are still many companies that believe in human judgments – they rely on the intuition of experienced employees and follow precedents of production management by insisting that it takes a long time to computerize all types of data or they cannot see cost-effectiveness. At QUNIE, we are able to propose a method to achieve production reform using new technologies such as IoT and AI by seeing the entire value chain, including delivery forms to customers, production systems, and suppliers from a higher perspective. Taking into account recent product lifecycles that have been significantly reduced, as well as product specifications, spare parts, and agent types that would help companies earn more profit from after-sales services, we propose a future vision for production required from a perspective of added value for customers and aim to entrench the idea in the workplaces with customers.
Our expertise covers areas such as:

■Support for Building Smart Factories

■Introducing Production Systems through Mass Customization

■Development of Global Production Standards and Application to Factories

■Resolving New Issues of Production Scheduling