Urban Management

Given the demographical decrease, the plummeting birthrate and aging population, decline of existing industries, lower tax revenues, etc., the environment of urban areas and other regions is expected to become harsher. In order to maintain or boost vitality of cities and other regions, it is desirable for industries, academic organizations, communities, financial institutions, and public sectors to promote initiatives for rejuvenation and revitalization in a cooperative manner by taking into account the changes and trends in the social and economic environment.
At QUNIE we have consultants with a wide variety of achievements and know-how in supporting city management through population vision and comprehensive strategy, industry vision, smart community, and city revitalization. We provide consulting services to solve issues and meet the needs of cities and other regions all over Japan by utilizing the know-how in various areas in collaboration with customers and concerned parties.
We support you in areas such as:

■Regional Revitalization

■Industrial Promotion

■Regional Management