Business Development Support in Developing Countries

Despite growing interest in solving social issues in developing countries, there exists no single solution to every identified issue. A long and challenging journey lies ahead and it requires efforts such as acquiring or developing the necessary technology to solve social issues, commercializing the technology, figuring out the business model that can be applied in local markets, building systems to effectively apply the business model locally, responding to business practices and systems in developing countries and facilitating changes.
At QUNIE, we make a significant contribution to business design, leading to success through the strengths of the NTT Group’s customer base and local capabilities in these regions, as well as through collaboration with companies with specialized expertise in each field relevant to problem solving. As your partner, QUNIE goes beyond the perception of conventional consulting service and contributes to transforming the world.

■Matching technology with social issues

■Creating business models that respond to local market needs

■Building systems to implement business models

■Developing and driving change within social systems