Business Development Support in Emerging Markets

Businesses that solve social issues in emerging markets are gaining attention, but it is not easy to succeed. Socially meaningful businesses have significant opportunities to receive substantial support from international organizations, development finance institutions (DFIs), overseas business partners, and Japanese government. However, QUNIE believes that many companies have neither understood nor taken full advantage of these great opportunities.

QUNIE is committed to supporting our clients in leveraging the cooperation of various stakeholders to solve social issues, increasing their corporate value through their operations in emerging markets. QUNIE is breaking through the shell of conventional consulting services and contributes to the transformation of the world, as a partner who accompanies its clients in the continuous challenges of building sustainable businesses in emerging markets.

■Matching support between social issues in emerging markets and technologies

■Development and implementation of business schemes in collaboration with international organizations, DFIs and Japanese government

■Offering of consulting services that contribute to the economic and social development of emerging markets

■Establishment and reform of institutions and social systems in emerging markets