SCM/S&OP Supply Chain Management/Sales & Operation Planning

In recent years, as the environment surrounding companies’ supply chains has been globalized, diversified, and complicated, we often see rapid changes that were totally unimaginable before. Such changes have wide range of impacts and occur continuously, which requires companies to review their plans and make decisions immediately in various stages of supply chains. Based on over the years of experience in our visionary global SCM, QUNIE supports customers in changing their supply chains from various perspectives, enhancing capabilities to respond to changes rapidly, and increasing the speed of decision making. Our consulting services help to add their corporate value. We support you in areas such as:


■Planning SCM and S&OP strategy (project planning, blueprint, budgeting for project launch)

■SCM and S&OP business process re-engineering (requirement definition and reform implementation)

■Selecting SCM and S&OP package tools (system design and implementation)

■SCM and S&OP maturity assessment (assessment of as-is or post go-live level of SCM and S&OP maturity)

■Proof of concept of SCM and S&OP

■SCM and S&OP training