Global Strategy

For Japanese companies to grow, it is becoming increasingly important to approach overseas markets, where further economic growth is expected. In particular, with the yen weakening over the medium term, the impact of overseas business on the performance of Japanese companies is greater than ever before.
For doing business overseas does not mean you have to do anything special. The path to success is not different from that of business in Japan. However, business behaviors and legal systems, or differences in language, culture, and demographics, tend to make it difficult for Japanese companies to follow these paths. In addition, Japanese global companies that have already expanded overseas often fail to link overseas business growth to company-wide optimization. It is not easy to establish a management control system that can maintain harmony across countries.
QUNIE is eager to support to overcome these difficulties together with our clients through our practical experience in operating in many countries, a delivery system that leverages the individual strengths of our diverse human resources, and a business style that provides consistent support from strategy design to implementation in the field. QUNIE is committed to the success of our clients’ global businesses.



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