PLM Product Lifecycle Management

With the progress of globalization, people require current products to have specifications most suitable for their country or region. Therefore, it is essential to develop a framework in which companies are able to procure, manufacture, and sell products with the most appropriate QCDE (Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Environment) for the required specifications.
The key to the development of a “universal business system” is the scope of standardization of operations that differ with products and factories. As the standardization requires companies to change the units of products and modules/parts and manufacturing processes, they need to make a company-wide decision for the changes. Also, with regard to “information management platform,” it is necessary to link information including Bills of Materials (BOMs) and documents with CAD/ERP, etc., and develop a flow of information necessary for concurrent actions of organizations as well as IT infrastructures.
At QUNIE, we provide services to build a “universal business system” and “information management platform” globally in order to resolve these issues and manage product lifecycles.
Our expertise covers areas such as:

■Establishing Goal Achievement Strategy

■Developing Universal Business Systems

■Development of Specific Business Systems

■Development of Information Management Platforms