Telecommunications and Media

The business environment surrounding today’s telecommunication industry is undergoing unprecedented changes.
What once used to be a domestic market with local players has advanced to a global competition involving international companies. Generating value by merely enhancing infrastructure has become something of the past, and today, players in this industry are urged to approach their clientele with more value-added, innovative services. Corporate clients seek services that help them capture their management issues accurately and analyze them in depth, whereas demanding individual customers are constantly looking for new services that bring new experiences.
These changes have intensified competition in the marketplace involving not only traditional players, but also companies from other industries that are trying to establish new businesses using “information technology” as a key word.
Companies are addressing such market challenges by, for example, focusing on creating innovative ICT services, driven by cutting-edge technology such as cloud platforms and Big Data solutions, or by optimizing end-user value by providing seamless support through all kinds of networks and devices.
To understand the true needs of corporate clients that vary from large enterprises to small-medium businesses, players in this industry are forced to reassess and reconsider their sales strategies towards these clients. With the rise of social media, end-users also need to be approached in a brand new way.
QUNIE has the breadth and depth of expertise to support you to generate customer value in this highly competitive market. We work together with you to form your strategy, to implement and execute the changes and ensure the changes endure.
We can help in areas such as:

■Service strategy and business model planning (corporate and business planning functions)

■Product service planning and development (business planning and service development functions)

■Sales strategy planning, implementation and stabilization (sales functions)

■Sales channel development and transformation (sales functions)

■Proposing ICT services to corporate clients (corporate sales functions)

■Customer relationship management (marketing/support functions)

■Business process transformation (all functions)

■IT systemization planning and implementation (all functions, IT function)

■Research activities (domestic/overseas)