Organizational Strategy and Management System

At QUNIE, we identify an organizational strategy and a management system as a framework and a set of regulations of organization member behaviors to rationally and efficiently implement corporate management strategy and business strategy, as well as an important tool to make a change.
Since the concept of organizational strategy is defined in the management and business strategy, and is also affected heavily by the organizational culture, it is essential for an organization to be determined to resolutely carry through a reform when designing and developing an organizational framework, a system, a rule, and personnel deployment that are the major components of the strategy.
In recent years, more and more companies have started to acquire and develop skills and assets to implement management and business strategy by restructuring organizations beyond the boundaries of companies.
At QUNIE, members with professional technical capabilities, insights, and experience support companies in designing the most appropriate organizational structure and corporate management system, and implementing group business restructuring and M&A.
We offer highly professional support such as:

■Organizational Strategy

■Corporate Management System

■Strategy for Efficiency Improvement and Optimization

■Quick Diagnosis (organizational strategies)