Due to an aging and decreasing population, there are various issues in the agriculture sector. It is important to improve farmers’ income through efforts to “boost productivity with fewer labor units,” “sell agricultural products at higher prices, even at only slight increase, by boosting qualities and functionalities of agricultural technology,” “help healthy life expectancy extend further with food,” “maintain freshness and boost the sales of agricultural products by streamlining distribution,” and “reduce waste.” QUNIE resolves these issues and contributes to the development of the agriculture sector by utilizing technological resources such as AI and IoT owned by numerous companies, agricultural sector, public sector, research institutions including National Institute for Education Policy Research and universities, and NTT Group companies.
We support you in areas such as:

■Development and dissemination of technology to improve productivity through cooperation between agriculture sector and the economic communities.

■Crop management and labor management in greenhouse horticulture utilizing AI

■Development technology for evaluation of soil organisms, non-destructive measurement of agriculture products, etc.