In its history of more than a century, the automobile industry has changed into an enormous global industry while maintaining the established business models.
In recent years, however, the industry has been exposed to significant unprecedented changes including the “appearance of environment-friendly cars/cars powered by new energies (i.e., EV, HV, PHV, and FCV),” “invention of connected cars/autonomous cars,” “shift to service business,” and “response to global corporate management and ‘monozukuri’ (manufacturing) reform.”
Also, it is very important for the automotive industry, that is the Japanese core industry, to respond to these changes from the viewpoint of maintaining the global competitiveness of the Japanese economy.
At QUNIE, we support the automotive industry in Japan, which experiences a major change once in 100 years, in implementing reforms to survive global competition while utilizing our experience of assisting business reforms in other industries and NTT Group’s technology.
We can help in areas such as:

■Services for the automotive and the auto parts industries