Digital Marketing

“Digital marketing,” a frequently used term, consists of a wide variety of measures to be implemented and tools to be introduced. On the other hand, a limited number of organizations could have internally formulated a common understanding of the contents of their digital marketing.
In addition, in our view, difference in the knowledge and sense of crisis of persons at the management level who are still stick to the ways of sales and marketing of the analog era, and the persons who are engaged in digital operations is one of the major reasons why Japanese companies do not promote digital marketing.
At QUNIE, instead of promoting digital marketing that requires system introduction only, we try to resolve situations where executives and employees of a company have different goals of digital marketing and support a customer in achieving an ideal “customer touchpoints reform” in the following areas.

■Establishing of digital marketing (customer touchpoints reform) strategy

■Digital marketing process reform

■Integrated marketing & organizational reform

■Introduction of digital marketing platforms