Logistics Innovation

About over 20 years ago, Japanese corporations imported the concept of logistics together with the idea of supply chain management, and companies rushed to replace the word “butsuryu” (a Japanese word meaning “warehousing and transportation”) with “logistics.” However, the actual situation of “butsuryu” has remained almost unchanged, which poses an old and new issue. For total optimization of the supply chain, the advancement of logistics as the final phase is an urgent issue. Based on long years of experience in logistics innovation in various industries, QUNIE aims to resolve clients’ business challenges by taking varied approaches including planning logistics strategy to improving logistics operations, optimizing logistics costs, and implementing logistics IT systems, and contribute to the increase in clients’ value.
We support you in areas such as:

■Planning logistics strategy

■Improving logistics operations

■Improving warehouse operations

■Improving trading operations

■Optimizing logistics costs

■Activity Based Costing / Activity Based Management

■Support for implementing WMS (Warehouse Management System)

■Digitalizing warehouse management-Visual Warehouse®

■Logistics training