Digital transformation or DX has been one of the hottest topics in current business scene.

Essentially digital transformation is business process reengineering (BPR) by digital technology and DX project brings more significant outcome if organized cross-functionally across the organization and in industry-wide cross industry based.
Currently, most of themes for business reform have been called as DX but not all are genuine. In reality, most of what called as DX inside of an organization are no more than BPR in the previous era but have the name of DX.

Initiatives as digital marketing and establishing the infrastructure for data utilization and AI utilization that many companies have already taken are of some importance. However, if they are in a limited scoped approach they only bring limited results.
We have now put forward an updated line-up for digital transformation utilizing our strength of comprehensive service capabilities provided one-stop to our clients in digital age.

As a member of NTT Group, we have had abundant knowledge about advanced digital technology and POC experiences and we can deliver practical and achievable grand design, while there are many inclined to hold optimistic images that digital technology solves everything.
We deliver effective consulting services that bring significant results through our client focus approach where we walk together with the client from upstream to downstream with full scope services.


  • Digital Strategy
  • Digitalized
  • Value Chain
  • Business Platform
  • Core process/Core System DX
  • DX infrastructures
  • DX Finance
  • DX HR

Digital Strategy
  • ・Conducting research on business and technology
  • ・Planning DX strategy for business model innovation and business process transformation
  • ・Planning and executing new business development

Digitalized Touchpoints
  • ・Planning customer strategy / customer personalization strategy
  • ・Developing omni-channel contact points / designing customer platform
  • ・Defining service design (designing customer process)
  • ・Developing next-generation CX (implementing process with advanced technology )
  • ・Evaluating, analyzing, and improving customer personalization process

Value Chain

Planning Process Digitalization (decision making process improvement / automation / knowledge formalization)

  • ・Digitalizing inter-company/cross-organization planning process
  • ・Implementing AI-based advanced planning system
  • ・Optimizing data oriented process for standard inventory / ordering / production quantities
  • ・Improving master data management for planning process
  • ・Planning and developing digital supply chain platform

Value Chain Platform (smart contract, traceability, etc.)

  • ・Improving block chain based inter-company tracking and tracing systems

Business Platform
  • ・Planning and developing customer platform (including points promotion systems, payments service, subscription models, application services, etc.)
  • ・Planning and developing mobility business platform (V2X, MAs, etc.)
  • ・Planning and developing industry based business platform (telecommunications, public sector, healthcare, etc.)

Core process/Core System DX
  • ・Planning enterprise systems renewal for DX
  • ・Optimizing content with self applications and enterprise applications
  • ・Developing management dashboard (including analytics process establishment and BI implementation)
  • ・Establishing big data analysis on core business
  • ・Analyzing points for BPR by process mining and implementing RPA
  • ・Planning and executing automation / labor work reduction

DX infrastructures
  • ・Improving analytics / AI utilization
  • ・Improving data management
  • ・Developing digital human resources (AI / big data)
  • ・Conducting research on technology / Helping with advanced technology utilization

DX Finance
  • ・Implementing speeded-up / real-time accounting process
  • ・Improving process for management accounting
  • ・Improving uncertainty management and risk management
  • ・Support for transformation into new business models (subscription model, pricing, definition of income/expense recognition criteria, payments, inter-company transaction, cyclic business model)

  • ・Planning DX human resource strategy (organization design, DX resource definition, human resource assessment)
  • ・HRDX (planning personnel process DX and developing DX resources)
  • ・Employee DX (working policy reform, developing smart office / self-service, DX resource development)
  • ・Reforming personnel system / organization / organizational behavior