As the global drive towards carbon neutrality progresses, targets relating to carbon neutrality have been set in many countries, such as Japan’s declaration to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. This has made Green Transformation (GX), which aims to realize a decarbonized society, a top priority for all sectors and industries.

Green Transformation: GX

GX refers to the global trend to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which are the main cause of global warming and other climate change, as an opportunity for economic growth, and aims to balance the reduction of GHG emissions and improvement of industrial competitiveness. QUNIE believes that the key is for society as a whole to go green, with not only companies but also individual citizens, non-profit organizations, local authorities, and governments becoming agents of change.

Although the status of GX initiatives varies from industry to industry, the power, transport, and manufacturing sectors, which particularly emit large quantities of GHG, are required to achieve GHG emission reductions in the short term as a protective measure in their management strategies. At the same time, all companies, regardless of sector or industry, take GX as an opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors and to proactively create new businesses.

In addition, as guidelines and rules on environmental, social and governance (ESG) and sustainability are being formed and ESG investments and loans are expanding rapidly, it is increasingly important for companies to reduce GHG emissions in their entire supply chains.

QUNIE provides comprehensive services from research and conceptualization to implementation, taking into various customer issues and the stage of consideration. Starting with upstream research and strategy/policy formulation, through to emission visualization and planning for/implementation of emission reduction measures for short-term implementation, creation of green business as a proactive measure, and planning for/implementation of green-related systems to create a mechanism to support above-mentioned measures, we provide consulting services that contribute to customers’ transformation.


  • Green Marketing Research
  • Green Marketing Strategy
    and Policy Planning
  • Visualizing GHG Emissions
  • Emission Reduction Planning
    and Implementation
  • Green Business Development
  • Green IT Planning
    and Implementation

Green Marketing Research
  • 〈Survey Analysis〉

    ・External Benchmarking/Analytics

    ・Internal Survey/Analysis/Diagnose/Reporting

    ・Scenario Analysis in Line with the TCFD Recommendations

Green Marketing Strategy and Policy Planning
  • 〈Green Marketing Strategy Planning〉

    ・Green Marketing Strategy Planning/Designing Vision for Environmental Management

    ・Green Procurement Strategy Planning/Action Planning/Review

    ・Green IT Strategy Planning/Review

    ・Green-related Organization Building/Reform Strategy Planning/Implementation

Visualizing GHG Emissions
  • 〈Visualizing GHG Emissions〉

    ・Visualizing GHG Emissions

    ・Internal Controls in Green-Related Data Collection

  • 〈GHG Reduction Planning〉

    ・Sustainable Value Chain Planning

  • 〈ESG Disclosure〉

    ・Environmental Information Disclosure/Reporting/Investment

    ・ESG Risk Visualization/Assessment/Risk Management

Emission Reduction Planning and Implementation
  • 〈Emission Reduction Planning and Implementation 〉

    ・Examination/Implementation of Measures for Individual Business Function

    ・Carbon Offsetting Plan and Execution support

  • 〈Emissions Monitoring〉

    ・Green-related Measures’ Progress Visualization/Monitoring/ Evaluation

    ・Creating a Management System Linked to Financial Information

Green Business Development
  • 〈Green Business Planning〉

    ・Investment Strategy/New Business Planning

    ・Strategic Formulation/Execution for New Products/New Services Development

  • 〈Green Business Implementation〉

    ・Business Model Transformation/Business Platform Construction for Emissions Reduction

    ・Operational Execution Support

Green IT Planning and Implementation
  • 〈Green IT Planning〉

    ・Green IT Planning and Requirement Definition

  • 〈Green IT Building〉

    ・Green IT Designing/Development/Implementation