Feb 01, 2022

[For companies in Thailand]
Is it time to change ERP?

A guideline on how to assess and justify whether your ERP needs to change

  • Senior Manager Kunathai Chansaenwilai

ERP is always a top priority when we discuss system to manage overall business operation, being a fundamental enabler to integrate all data across business processes.
"What is the right ERP for your organization?" is not an easy question to answer, due to complex selection criteria, multiple factors to consider, large number of stakeholder involvement, and huge investment required.

We have observed many unsuccessful stories of ERP implementation, from limited utilization of system full capability to total failure to implement which of course all top management would never expect.

If your ERP, as the result, is not working as expected which may call for any technology enhancement, the key questions in your mind that not yet properly answered are;
1. Is it the time to change my ERP?
2. How can I effectively choose the best fit ERP for my organization?

If you have these questions, you should view this video to discuss key considerations for ERP enhancement decision as well as to provide framework on how to select to the best fit ERP for your organization.

※This video was originally shared in a webinar held on September 16, 2020.

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