Feb 01, 2022

[For companies in Thailand]
Seamless Business Process Automation to Cope with the New Era

  • QUNIE Business Unit of Thailand

While business downturn by the impact of COVID-19 has been further accelerating the cost reduction needs, it is also important to be able to cope with business growth in economy recovery in the future with lean business operation. Business process automation is one of key strategies for operation cost reduction at many organizations in Thailand.

Business process automation enables a business to achieve digital transformation across multiple site operations. We find that the automated business process is one of a sustaining low-cost operation in the long run while improves service delivery and increases its quality.

QUNIE in Thailand, with a lot of business process transformation project experiences, discusses practical approaches to a seamless business process automation, both with BPR (business process reengineering) and process automation by advanced digital technology. You will be able to learn business process automation with sustainable efficiency and productivity improvement.

※This video was originally shared in a webinar held on September 18, 2020.

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