Feb 01, 2022

[For companies in Thailand]
Enhancing Supply Chain with Technologies

What - Why - Which - How - Now or then?

  • Manager Kunathai Chansaenwilai

Technology has been increasingly becoming a trendier topic for business people year after another. A day never passes without talking about digitalization by technology like IoT, AI, robot and any other advanced systems. Number of technology providers are trying to propose you their solutions by claiming such advanced solutions will dramatically improve your supply chain operation and management.

Your questions here are ;
1. How do you know what really matters or is required for your organization?
2. What is the priority solution?
3. What can really help you?
4. What should be avoided to prevent you from critical failure at the end?
which are the key questions that must be answered for your success.

This webinar summarizes all key considerations regarding technology enablement for supply chain operation and management as a reference framework for quick and systematic selection of compatible technology solutions.

Be invited to our one hour webinar to obtain a quick and structured answers of what is available as the supply chain technology enablement in the market, why you should invest, which you should select, how you should start and when you should get it done.

※This video was originally shared in a webinar held on October 15, 2020.

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