Mar 01, 2022

[For companies in Thailand]
Digitalization Journey for Finance & Accounting Operations

  • Senior Manager Chamnan Posuwan

“Digitalization” has always been one of the main topics competitive companies paid attention for with the intention to increase efficiency and reduce time and complexity in their operations. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 has emphasized its importance and accelerated the digitalization journey across departments, especially for Finance & Accounting. The changes of circumstances including working remotely while maintaining good governance in the increasingly regulated environment became the challenges in Finance & Accounting departments for many companies.

Without the good understanding of digitalization transformation and appropriate management direction, utilizing new technology in Finance & Accounting process can be difficult and lead to even more complex operations and problems. It takes not only the efforts to introduce new technology to the organization, but also requires market expertise and guidance for a proper system and vendor selection that bring successful digitalization.

QUNIE in Thailand, with a lot of business process improvement project experiences, discusses the practical approaches to digitalization for Finance & Accounting operations including the relevant tools and technology. You will be learned about the success and obstacles of the transforming journey from the real case studies in Thailand.

※This video was originally shared in a webinar held on Janurary 20, 2022.

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