Mar 04, 2022

[For companies in Thailand]
Fair and meaningful performance evaluation

  • QUNIE Business Unit of Thailand

Around this time of the year, many organizations either have completed or are going through their performance evaluation (appraisal, review and etc.) toward completion. We have been observing lots of difficulty to make all of their employees satisfied with sense of fairness, which only results in decrease of engagement as well as motivation level. While it is important to increase satisfaction level at employees, there needs to be a good balance among employee satisfaction, talent development and promotion strategy, as well as corporate business plan.

We know all your pains and challenges and all your struggles to fix these every year.

QUNIE in Thailand, with a lot of human resource management project experiences, discusses the practical approaches of quick improvement for the problem as well as systematic improvement method for overall evaluation system. All the hints and tips we will share will be associated with case studies out of our experiences in Thailand to facilitate your understanding of how these can work.

※This video was originally shared in a webinar held on Janurary 21, 2022.

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