Mar 08, 2022

[For companies in Thailand]
Think to change or upgrade your ERP? .... Think again!

  • Senior Manager Kunathai Chansaenwilai

Many organizations in Thailand are looking at opportunities to change or upgrade their ERP to drive their business transformation to be able to cope with rapidly changing business environment.

Typical ERP projects tend to aim at the software implementation of itself as the goal, while the true goal must be business transformation. ERP being an enabler, it is very important to be aware that business improvement discussion should come first and there should be a lot of other things to cover, like changes of processes, organizations and etc. than software implementation. ERP does not really support every elements critical to transformation. In reality, we have observed many unsuccessful stories of business transformation project associated with ERP implementation, which lacked discussions for key elements truly required.

QUNIE in Thailand, with a lot of business transformation project discusses the practical approaches to success of transformation with the most effective ERP implementation. You will learn how the successful transformation should be conducted with the real case studies in Thailand.

00:00:28 1. Company Introduction
00:07:19 2. Typical issues / challenges that lead to ERP improvement
00:23:25 3. Changing ERP might not be an answer
00:42:06 4. What changes required and why is not easy
00:52:45 5. How transform is conducted and valued with QUNIE service

※This document was originally shared in a webinar held on February 10, 2022.

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