Dec 14, 2022

[For companies in Indonesia]
Supply Chain Resilience, Strategy of Winning the Competition in Disruptive World

  • Manager Sianturi Samuel
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Supply chain resilience has been a hot topic even before the COVID‑19 pandemic. However, in the pandemic situation is when the supply chain resilience is really tested. Many companies have realized that their companies have been designed for cost-efficiency rather than for resiliency. Therefore, the challenge of the company is to create supply chain that is not only cost-efficient but also resilient and at the same time delivers high customer service.

This document explains several issues that common in supply chain such as demand volatility and raw material shortage, and our solutions such delivery consolidation, route planning and supply chain network optimization. We also collaborate with system implementer in supply chain network optimization that present its solution to improve supply chain resilience.

※This document was originally shared in a webinar held on November 17, 2022.