Jan 25, 2023

[For companies in Thailand]
SCM Planning Digital Transformation Webinar

  • Partner Ryohei Sasakawa
  • Manager Baitong Kwan-On

In the transition to Post COVID-19 era on global basis, we are observing positive demand recovery in many business sectors. Many organizations are changing their strategy from defensive to offensive. Sudden challenges to your supply chain, however, e.g. suspension of production and logistics by COVID-19 aftermath, disruptions to procure raw materials and energy due to the geopolitical dispute and so forth continue to remain. Dynamic capability in SCM and planning is the key success factor to win.

We observe at many companies working out on responses to business environment changes, “cumbersome relays of Excels to collect data only optimized for individual units”, “challenges to analyze, caused by data limitation and lack of skill” and “inefficient decision processes due to not standardized rule” which are all challenges for timely and speedy decision making.

While “Digital Transformation” is certainly an effective solution to address these challenges, it should not be just tool discussions and it is extremely important to discuss “process transformation” with the best use of any suitable tools and to implement new business processes with appropriate structure and talents developed to support.

QUNIE CORPORATION, with rich experiences of SCM planning transformations, Anaplan, an integrated planning digital platform provider, and PMsquare, an Anaplan implementation partner in Thailand, jointly held “SCM Planning Digital Transformation” webinar for Thai executive and management engaged in SCM and business planning. Inviting a leading specialist of SCM/S&OP at QUNIE in Japan, we discussed the best approach to SCM planning digital transformation, sharing global and Thai trends, project experiences of business transformation as well as Anaplan implementations in Thailand.

1. SCM Planning Digital Transformation
 1) SCM Planning Transformation – Global trends
 2) SCM Planning Transformation – Trends in Thailand
2. SCM Planning – Integrated Digital Platform
 1) Anaplan overview and alliance for Thai market
 2) Anaplan implementation project experiences

※This seminar was originally shared as a webinar held on October 20, 2022.

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